The Future of Radiotherapy

With all new techniques and image guidance, both pre and post irradiation, more and more data is generated. This (measurement) data forms the basis of the treatment and must therefore be assured in order to make optimal treatments possible. This is accompanied by new goals / challenges! Fortunately, there are computers to analyze all this data quickly and carefully. The biggest challenge for radiotherapy is to bundle all the obtained data and make a conclusion. These conclusions make it possible for physicians, physicists, clinical physical employees and laboratory technicians to improve existing treatments and to develop and evaluate new treatment techniques.

The treatment

The starting point and therefore the basis of radiotherapy will always remain the same. Radiotherapists use radiation to damage body cells that multiply uncontrollably, so that they disappear or come under local control. Most irradiation techniques are aimed at irradiating as few healthy tissues as possible and thus causing as few side effects as possible.

With further coordination and new radiation techniques, we are able to give tumors a higher dose and also reduce therapy side effects. This directly benefits the patient’s quality of life.

One automated platform

Being able to irradiate much more accurately requires optimization of all data. To achieving this, SunCHECK (Sun Nuclear) is an integrating automated platform. SunCHECK is a fully automated system that brings all patient-related data and machine QA together in one well-organized workflow, in order to provide all disciplines with insight into treatment and equipment management.

It is no longer necessary to compare data from one application with another application. Now the data is integrated in one optimal platform environment, so that it is available for every discipline. Independent of the workplace, to consult and to organize responsibilities and it is always up-to-date information. In this way one can anticipate faster through the different modules Plan- and DoseCHECK and 3D transit dosimetry with PerFRACTION. On the other hand, SNC Routine with real integration of measuring equipment and not just importing measurement results. This results in a better and more efficient management of all equipment, both accelerators and imaging.

With SunCHECK, a web based software platform, all data and results are stored in one local database. This way, all phases of patient treatment are integrated into one flexible, automated and seamless workflow. Instead of spending time looking for data, there is more time to further improve the treatment quality!

PEO and the future of radiotherapy

PEO is happy to investigate the most useful implementation of the SunCHECK platform for your radiotherapy department. This way PEO contributes to the safety and development of our healthcare by providing innovative and high quality solutions in the medical, industrial and safety sector.

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