The Sun Nuclear SunCHECK Platform is an integrated, independent solution for Patient and Machine QA in radiation therapy.

Designed to support a broad range of planning and delivery technologies,
SunCHECK 2.0 streamlines and standardizes workflows – allowing greater
overall focus on Patient Safety.

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With SunCHECK, hospitals and cancer centers gain:

  • one solution for radiation therapy QA: managing all Patient and Machine QA in a consistent way helps reduce the likelihood of errors going undetected
  • speed and efficiency through automation: less time spent on manual tasks means more bandwidth for data analysis, clinical decisions and continuous improvement
  • access from anywhere: SunCHECK is browser-based and accessible to staff through a secure network è from dashboard reviews to deep data analysis, a single database drives the entire process


Within the SunCHECK Platform, SunCHECK Patient integrates all phases of Patient QA into a seamless workflow, including Secondary Checks, Phantomless Pre-Treatment QA and In-Vivo Monitoring.

Key new functionality module SunCHECK Patient includes:

  • EPID-based Transit Dosimetry, compliant with 2013/59/EURATOM, Article 83
  • pre-set, yet customizable, dose tolerances per phase, with Universal Metrics
  • expanded 3D secondary dose and MU calculation support, including for TomoTherapy (Monte Carlo-based), HDR Brachytherapy and stereotactic cone systems.


SunCHECK Machine helps to improve standardization and ease compliance reporting for Daily, Monthly and Annual QA – across locations, machines and staff.

Key new functionality module SunCHECK Machine includes:

  • standard and complete TG-142 templates
  • user-friendly editing or creation of customized QA templates and tasks
  • direct device connectivity to Sun Nuclear’s Daily QA3 and IC PROFILER solutions
  • centralized data storage and flexible reporting for accreditation and compliance.

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