The D3S is a specially designed gamma and neutron radiation meter for quick implementation and is easy to use. When you carry the D3S with you, it scans the environment and identifies radioactive threats automatically.
As soon as you are close, you will immediately receive a voice identification: passing by nuclear material is enough!

With this 2nd generation ‘Discreet Dual Detector’, Kromek combines a low cost price with high sensitivity and a small wearable design. Would you like to know more about the quality and convenience of the D3S? Check the videos below!

How does the D3S operate?

The D3S for industry and hospitals

Characteristics and applications

Kromek’s D3S meets the data security expectations of governments, intelligence services and safety authorities. The D3S comes standard with a secure smartphone (Android control), which contains the exclusive and secured Kromek detector software.

The D3S is already frequently used in the United States, for example on fire trucks and ambulances (click here for the video) or as an area mapping system with 1,000 detectors during a ‘scavenger hunt’ (click here for the video). In Europe, the D3S has been deployed during state visits and NATO consultations in recent years, to detect early radioactive threats that may be present in cargo, vehicles, buildings, other objects and in the environment.

The D3S is unrivaled:

  • identifies 37 isotopes (17 more than the current ANSI standard)
  • identifies faster than a RIID (see video)
  • budget-friendly compared to other products in the market
  • small size, wearable, fits on belt


A stand-alone solution. An isotope identification app on a secure android smartphone.
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Network capability of the D3S, area mapping with linked detectors and centralized monitoring.
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D3S infographic

D3S infographic

Usable for everyone, just wearing is enough!

The D3S is specifically designed to be used by both radiation experts and non-specialists. It can be used in a large number of fields, such as:
customs and border patrols

  • police
  • defence
  • ambulance staff
  • airports
  • event securty
  • environmental monitoring




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