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Kromek has combined two of its leading technologies: the non-He3 compact thermal neutron scintillator detector and CsI(Tl)/silicon photo-multiplier-based gamma detector, into the ground-breaking all-new second generation ‘Discreet Dual Detector’, D3S; a hybrid gamma/neutron platform that uniquely combines low-cost with high sensitivity and small form factor together with a long-life battery power source making it the ideal portable instrument.

USB connection allow communications with Kromek’s own K-Spect and MultiSpect Analysis acquisition and analysis software, or USB and BluetoothTM communications protocols are available for users to interface to their own software infrastructure, such as mobile phone apps.

D3S (ID & NET) gamma-neutron detector features

  • discreet wearable design – lightweight and small
  • uninterrupted operation – at least 12 hours on single battery charge
  • data connectivity: BluetoothTM to mobile phone or other devices with USB option
  • spectroscopic capability enables threats and non-threats to be differentiated through appropriate algorithms
  • no user training required – single button operation with LED indicator




D3S productvideo

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