Clinical experience on an automated QA platform in a busy multicentre department

Speaker: Evy Bossuyt, M.S. (Iridium Kankernetwerk)
Product focus: SunCHECK

Iridium Kankernetwerk is a busy department, providing ~5,600 radiation therapy treatments per year across four locations. The department was looking to optimize their QA program through standardization and automation, and to develop an in-vivo monitoring program that would increase patient safety over the treatment course and meet evolving requirements for radiation treatments. Their solution of choice: SunCHECK™ Patient from Sun Nuclear. In addition to meeting their departmental goals, SunCHECK has allowed them to continue reviewing patient plans and performing QA remotely during these challenging times.

SunCHECK Machine – Custom Daily, Monthly and Annual QA Templates; Direct Device Connectivity for Daily, Monthly and Annual QA

Speaker: Eduardo Sabino
Product focus: SunCHECK

Join this webinar to learn more about SunCHECK™ Machine for daily, monthly and annual linac QA following TG-142 recommendations with measurement device integration.

SRS End-to-End Testing with a High Density Diode Array and Multi-Met WL Phantom

Speaker: Joel Poder, M.Sc.
Product focus: StereoPHAN, SRS MapCHECK, MultiMet-WL Cube

During this talk, Joel Poder of St. George Cancer Care Center (Australia) will present on his department’s use of the StereoPHAN phantom in combination with the SRS MapCHECK high resolution detector array and multi-target Winston-Lutz insert for comprehensive end-to-end testing of multi-target, single-isocentre SRS treatments.