Solid Water HE – Gammex

Solid Water HE (Gammex) is the next generation of solid water by Gammex. It is designed for both therapy and imaging with improved uniformity and durability in mind. Solid Water®HE uses new nano-spheres to create homogeneous slabs while mimicking true water within 0.5% across a wide range of energies.

Each slab of Solid Water HE comes with a Certificate of Conformance which includes, measured density, measured thickness, ionization measurements, calculated electron densities, calculated effective atomic number and elemental composition.

Solid Water HE features:

  • wide range of sizes and dimensions.
  • moldable material for custom requests
  • rigid construction eliminates broken ion chambers
  • wide range of applications and uses
  • standard ranges of thicknesses from 0.1 to 6.0 cm
  • ion chamber cavities free from air pockets or voids
  • economical

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