RENA-Mini Development Platform – Kromek

Designed for the development of pixelated detectors for applications and experiments requiring high-resolution gamma spectroscopy and /or in a wide dynamic dose rate range

The RENA-mini is a Kromek-NOVA developed 72 channel ASIC mounted onto a compact printed circuit board with a connector output for interconnection to the detector of choice.

RENA-Mini Development Platform features:

  • 72 channels as standard
  • powered via USB 2 or 3
  • analog output allows for simplified monitoring of pulse shapes
  • available in two versions
    • long version with light-tight detector enclosure simplifies testing
    • short version allows for custom detector configurations
  • simple connections – no wires to attach
  • demountable fixtures for quick detector changes. Does not require interposers
  • highly portable – 90% smaller than previous generation
  • available with/without CZT detectors

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