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The RadAngel for Schools (Kromek) is the highest Resolution Entry-level Room Temperature Gamma-Ray Spectrometer.

RadAngel for Schools™ (RA4S™) is an ideal and portable gamma-ray spectrometer that can be utilised for educational purposes in teaching concepts of radiation as well as for training in the use of radiation sensors.

Its compact size and quick set-up time makes it ideally suited for individual or small group projects, laboratory-based teaching, classroom demonstrations and field studies.

The RA4S™ makes technology available for the first time, in an advanced lightweight, high performance radiation detector, that was previously only available to Defense Agencies and Homeland Security personnel. This unique instrument utilizes a Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) solid state detector, which enables room temperature operation with excellent energy resolution.

The unit is completely self-contained, with a built-in detector, amplifiers, power supply and communications. The digitized detector signals are sent to a PC via the mini-USB which also powers the unit, so no external supply is required.

The RA4S™ also contains an internal rechargeable (via USB) Lithium ion battery which enables extended use for field studies.

A green battery level indicator LED displays the current state of charge of the battery. The blue LED radiation indicator shows each event, and when used in conjunction with external speakers, an audio indicator can be heard.

The RA4S™ is easy to use and connects directly to any Windows 7 or 8-based PC or tablet for operation and requires no consumables or re-calibration. It comes with K-Spect™, Kromek’s entry-level acquisition and analysis software, which is available to download, free of charge, from the Kromek website.

RadAngel for Schools (RA4S) features:

  • room temperature operation, no cooling required
  • high efficiency
  • high spectral resolution
  • compact size
  • simple to use
  • CZT solid state detector
  • USB and rechargeable lithium Ion battery powered

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