Pins3-CF – Ortec

The ORTEC PINS3-CF is a Portable Isotopic Neutron Spectroscopy (PINS) non-destructive assessment system that analyzes and provides on-site identification information about the contents of unidentified or suspect chemicals inside thick steel unopened containers. The system is designed to identify chemicals inside a container without the need for disassembly, contact, physical sampling or breech, and is being deployed as part of national counter-terrorist equipment assets for providing a safe means of identifying the contents of “suspect” packages. The PINS3-CF is simple and easy to use with the addition of the ORTEC trans-SPEC-N mechanically cooled high purity germanium spectrometer. The trans-SPEC-N has been specifically designed and tested to replace existing liquid nitrogen cooled detectors currently used for neutron chemical assay systems and provides the necessary field spectroscopy readings for non-intrusive chemical identification.

Pins3-CF features:

  • no liquid nitrogen required.
  • uses a mechanically cooled, field deployable gamma spectrometer (ortec trans-spec-n).
  • auto analysis of chemicals and explosives.
  • ruggedized laptop with chemical analysis and identification software.
  • 12 hour runtime with external rechargeable battery.
  • lightweight measurement stand.
  • uses a small californium-252 neutron source.
  • usb and power cables.
  • safety kit.
  • hardened wheeled transport case.

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