Personal Electronic Dosimeter – PED Blue – Tracerco

The PED Blue is a high quality Personal Dosimeter, featuring the same design and features as the Tracerco PED-IS, in a lighter weight, non-IS model. The charging dock is no longer required and the device can be charged with a direct micro USB connection, giving greater flexibility. The PED Blue can also be configured to use either 2 or 4 dose alarm levels. This is customisable through DoseVision software.

Personal Electronic Dosimeter – PED Blue features:

  • robust and easy to use
  • direct Micro USB connection for greater flexibility
  • large, clear, easy to read display
  • lighter weight – suited to more applications
  • DoseVision software – ease of use and functionality, IP67 rated
  • simple one button operation
  • PED Blue ER (Extended Range): 0 to 1 Sv/h

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