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Ocean Software is the diagnostic software to use with your RTI instrument. It displays all your measurements and waveforms gathered on an easy-to-read screen. Ocean suits everybody’s needs, it doesn’t matter if you require a full report or if you only want to use the computer as a display – Ocean adapts to you.

If you use Ocean in Quick Check mode, you will be ready to start measuring within seconds. The Quick Check mode detects what instrument and what probes you have connected to assist you the best way possible – just plug n’ play.
By using Ocean, you can plan your measurements in advance, create checklists, add pop-up information for a specific exposure, and include instructions to simplify the work for you and your co-workers. Anyone performing the same test at a later stage will have a well-planned measurement protocol and can avoid any uncertainties in the set-up. Use Ocean to create standardized measurements, not only for X-ray equipment, but also for the complete X-ray room.

tailormade or “off the rack”

Ocean gives you the freedom to be creative – build your QA exactly the way you want it. You are free to add measuring parameters to your test and include your own calculations and analyses based on the measured data. Define your own pass/fail criteria and add your own checklists.
The report can be customized with your own logo and own layout. Comments and pictures can be added. The reports will look uniform and professional.

Ocean Software Connect

The time in the X-ray room is often very limited, so a fast startup is of the essence. Ocean Connect uses our new Quick Check mode which helps you to start measuring within seconds.
When using Quick Check, Ocean detects what instrument and what detectors you have connected and adjusts the layout of the screen to assist you the best way possible. All the measured parameters are displayed on one screen, and these results and waveforms can be retained in the database for later review.
You can also export your measurements to MS Excel. If you don’t need further processing of the measurements, you can print out a report directly from Ocean. The layout of the report can easily be customized.
Ocean Connect also gives you the opportunity to measure with CT Dose Profiler.

Ocean Software Professional

Purchasing Ocean Professional gives you all the features of Ocean Connect plus so much more. Ocean Professional is Quality Assurance for the entire room & organization. Plan – measure – analyze!
Ocean Professional transforms Ocean into a powerful tool, providing for the creation of specified reports, helpful graphs, and detailed analysis of X-ray measurements. It allows you to create your test templates just like you want them. Make checklists for each room or tube. Customize the layout of Ocean and apply a large number of readymade analyses to your measurements. There are a number of different ways to make trend analyses on your measurements and it is easy to see the history of a specific measurement.
You fully control your “work environment”, while Ocean controls your RTI meter!


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