MPOD Crate – Wiener

WIENER presents with Mpod a new, universal multi-channel low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) computer controlled power supply system. Offering highest channel density the MPOD mainframe can house up to 10 plug-in modules which results in 80 up to nearly 500 individually controlled channels per mainframe. Built in a modular way MPOD consists of the mainframe / bin, a front side plug-in controller with Ethernet and USB ports, a fan tray and a power supply which is located in the back.

MPOD Crate features:

  • 8U x 19″ rack mountable HV/LV chassis, compact design with ruggedized mechanics, two mounting modes: outputs at front- or at rear side
  • modular design: fan tray and primary power supply easily removed
  • up to 10 LV or HV modules per chassis, high voltage modules with 8 …48 channels of 500V … 10kV, 8 channel low voltage modules of 0 – 8V … 0 – 120V ranges
  • MPOD Controller with Ethernet, CAN-bus, USB interface, and interlock input

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