Model PW Plastic Water – CIRS

CIRS PW Plastic Water is a water equivalent for use with photon and electron beams within 0,5% of true water dose. It is flexible and resists breakage under impact.

Model PW Plastic Water features:

  • easy to machine
  • durable
  • five year written warranty
  • available in 1 mm thickness

CIRS water equivalent materials specific energy ranges:

  • Plastic Water – The Original – 150 keV – 100 MeV; permits calibration of photon and electron beams within 0.5% of true water dose (routine beam constancy checks)
  • Plastic Water DT – 50 keV – 15 MeV; use for special applications requiring exposures to both diagnostic and therapeutic energies such as radiation therapy planning and dose verification in IMRT
  • Plastic Water LR – 15 keV – 8 MeV; use for such things as dose evaluation for low energy brachytherapy sources or CT dose verification

Read more about Model PW Plastic Water on the CIRS website

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