Model 4525-7000 Radiation Portal Monitor – Ludlum

The Ludlum 4525-7000 Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) represents state-of-the-art technology at detecting orphan radiation sources. Ludlum has sold over 800 of these types of systems throughout the world to scrap yards, recycling companies, landfills, and foundries. The Model 4525 series detectors are ruggedized large plastic scintillation systems that can be optimally arranged to monitor moving vehicles entering into the system.

Model 4525-7000 Radiation Portal Monitor features:

  • real-time central data logging and reporting
  • 76.2 m (250 ft) CAT 5e cable
  • dual presence/speed sensors
  • remote annunciator panel
  • bi-directional entry
  • camera image capturing and dB storage (optional)
  • rail car mode
  • two weather protected plastic scintillator detectors

Read more about the Model 4525-7000 Radiation Portal Monitor on the Ludlum website

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