MiniTRACE S5 – Saphymo

PEO Radiation Technology introduces the fast and very sensitive MiniTRACE S5, the latest innovation for fast and accurate radiation detection. TheMiniTRACE S5 is the absolute standard for the future.

MiniTRACE S5 survey meter for alpha, beta, X-ray and gamma measurements. Very effective for X-ray leakage tests.

MiniTRACE S5 features:

  • peak-hold function
  • high sensitivity
  • fast response time (1second)
  • compact, robust and ergonomic design
  • easy two-button operation
  • budget friendly priced
  • X-Ray sensitivity >5keV
  • optional: test source indetector cover
  • 1 μSv/h/ ± 100keV (U-238 natural)

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