Gammavision – Ortec

GammaVision 8 is an All-Inclusive gamma spectroscopy application for High and Low Resolution gamma spectrometer systems. It packs all of the basic and advanced features for accurate and consistent measurements in an intuitive interface that simplifies setup and operation. With embedded MCA controls, advanced spectrum analysis functions, automation for routine operations, quality control and security, GammaVision is universally fit for large scale production labs, nuclear power plants, research and education, automated monitoring systems, and many other applications.

Gammavision 8 features:

  • operates in the most common PC Environments – 64-bit Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 Pro
  • multiple Languages: English, German, Chinese, and French
  • extensive Analysis and Detection Limit capability to accommodate a variety of applications
  • optional Report Writer with MS Access Data Storage and Crystal Reports for Rich Custom Reports
  • integrated Hardware control
  • automation Scripting for Consistent measurement processes
  • simplified Calibration using Wizards and Interactive Editors
  • customizable Spectrum Display with “Live” update during acquisition and Detailed Peak Evaluation
  • compliance with Industry Standards such as ANSI N42.14, ANSI N13.30, and ISO/DIS 11929
  • quality Control Reports, Trending, and optional instrument lock-out on violations
  • security to limit access to specified functions
  • comprehensive V&V Test Results available as an option

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