Model 008A Dynamic Thorax Phantom – CIRS

The Dynamic Thorax Phantom (model 008A) is a precision instrument with which the impact of tumor motion inside the lung can be investigated and minimized. It provides known, repeatable and accurate 3D target motion inside a tissue equivalent phantom. The phantom is designed for comprehensive analysis of image acquisition, planning and dose delivery in image-guided radiation therapy.

CIRS Motion Control Software enables independently control of target and surrogate motion. The software provides an unlimited variety of motions and it simplifies the operation of the Dynamic Thorax Phantom to an intuitive level.


Model 008A Dynamic Thorax Phantom specifications:

  • software sends various imported movement cycles
  • tissue equivalent of 50keV to 15MeV
  • sub-millimeter accuracy
  • target motion and parameters are displayed in real-time
  • visualization of complex 3D tumor motion in the lung
  • the platform movement and technique are compatible with other CIRS phantoms
  • usable with TLD MOSFET, Dose Gel, micro-chamber, PET / CT and film


Read more about the Dynamic Thorax Phantom on the CIRS website.


Brochure: Dynamic Thorax Phantom – model 008A – CIRS

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