D3S Family: wearable personal radiation detectors

Protect your team and your citizens from radiological threats and secure your borders from nuclear smuggling.

D3S wearable personal radiation detector

The D3S is ready for your mission, whatever your mission.

The D3S range of personal radiation detectors replaces PRD personal radiation detectors, SPRD spectroscopic personal radiation detectors and RIID radioisotope identification device with ONE device that fulfils all these functions.

The D3S PRD can function as a search only dose measurement PRD but at the press of a button in the app it can also show isotope identification and with an over the air app upgrade transforms into a fully featured RIID with reachback and emailable report files including pictures. This makes the D3S range one of the most flexible and cost-effective radiation detection solutions available today.

Choose the model you need now and upgrade later.

D3S PRD personal radiation detector in PRD search mode showing high neutron count


Designed for first-line users

One of the most capable PRD and SPRD you will find. The D3S PRD can operate in two modes:

1.Search Mode: displays gamma dose and neutron count.

2. Search and Identification Mode: displays gamma dose, neutron count, isotope identification and classification.

The D3S PRD can be transformed into a full D3S ID with full RIID capability with a simple over the air update to the smartphone app.

D3S ID Gamma Neutron RIID in Search Mode showing doses and isotope identification


Designed for radiation specialist

One of the most powerful RIIDs available.

The D3S ID has a more powerful detection app that allows the user to enter confirmation mode to take a more detailed scan of the source or sources to give the user full confirmation and reachback reporting capability.

All in a matter of seconds.


D3S NET networked gamma neutron detector and phone app


Networked radiation detection solution

All the power of the D3S detector now networked.

The D3S NETs location, alert status and radiation reading are connected to the SIGMA Network and are all relayed back to a central command screen.

The command screen is accessed through a secure web server so all the user need is an internet connection.


Easily switch from PRD to full ID RIID mode to NET mode with a software upgrade. No need to change the detector or the mobile phone.


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