D3S Drone radiation detector – Kromek

Cover a large area quickly with both gamma and neutron count

Fly above the crowds

The D3S Drone radiation detector is designed for gamma and neutron activity mapping.

Using a lightweight drone designed to be easily carried and quickly deployed to provide CBRNE Homeland Security or civil nuclear workers. The D3S Drone is with a way to map radiation hotspots and patrol a large area quickly. The operator receives the real-time data transmission (counts per second) to a six-inch screen separate to the drone flight control screen.

Range of >10 km

Carrying the D3S Drone

The D3S Drone is easily carried into the area of operation in a backpack. It can be assembled and be ready to fly in less than two minutes.

The D3S Drone detector specification

The D3S Drone uses an unmodified D3S gamma neutron radiation detector plugged into a custom-built transmission unit. This allows it to communicate at up to ten-kilometre to the base station.

Gamma detector material: CsI(Tl).

  • Gamma energy range: 30 keV to 3 MeV.
  • Gamma sensitivity for Cs137: 5 cps/μR/h (500 cps/μSv/h).
  • Photo peak 1.2 cps/μR/h (120 cps/μSv/h).
  • Maximum throughput for gamma channel: 10,000 cps.
  • Maximum dose rate: 2.0 mR/h (20 μSv/h) at 662 keV (spectroscopic).
  • 100 R/h (1 Sv/h) at 662 keV with high dose module.

Neutron detector material: Non-3He.

  • Neutron detector gamma rejection: Better than 10-7 meets ANSI N42.34 section 6.7.
  • Maximum throughput for neutron channel@ 5,000 cps.

D3S Drone radiation detector applications

The D3S Drone allows a large area to be rapidly swept for radioactive material or patrolled as part of a CBRNE Homeland Security initiative.

Using a drone means that your team is kept away from any area of contamination, they can cover a large area quickly, they can fly over areas that are inaccessible or hazardous, and no one suspects a drone might be taking radiation measurements making it a perfect covert surveillance tool.

D3S Drones can be used for:

  • routine monitoring: nuclear sites, facilities, strategic sites;
  • targeted surveying: legacy facilities, mine sites, target ‘interest’ sites;
  • CBRNe Homeland Defence patrol: border, event, VIP, infrastructure protection;
  • emergency Response: terror incidents, nuclear incident, battlefield.

D3S Drone - PEO radiation technology / Kromek (Airborne Area Radiation Mapping: gamma/neutron)

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