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Cobia DentalCobia Dental is a simple-to-use instrument for checking that the output from Dental Intraoral X-ray tube is correct. Since the Cobia is so easy to position and doesn’t require any complicated settings, anyone who works in the dental clinic can quickly and easily perform the routine inspection of the intraoral X-ray equipment. To determine patient safety – every day.

Everyday “Check-Ups”

The Cobia Dental is especially suitable for acceptance test, constancy test, and routine quality control of Intraoral X-rays. The basic need for a dental clinics calibration check of kV and exposure time is covered with the standard kV model of Cobia Dental. With a small addition to price, dose, total filtration and HVL measuring will also be included.

Ease of Use

Cobia Dental is designed for “ease of use” which is accomplished through easy positioning and possibilities to choose your preferred language together with a powerful and clear color display. The screen is rotatable and is easy to read from a distance, and your 100 latest measurements will always be automatically saved.

Rotatable Color Display

Cobia over edge

Cobia Dental has a clear and rotatable color display, so you can read off measurement results fast and easily – even from a distance. The innovative display even shows the results right way up in meas-urement situations where the instrument needs to be positioned upside down.

RTI Dental Solutions

Cobia Dental is designed to be the instrument used by the dental clinic staff. For more advanced Quality Assurance of Dental X-ray equipment RTI recommend our multimeter – the RTI Piranha together with our QA software Ocean.


Cobia Dental General

• Weight Approx290 g
• Size138 x 76 x 27 mm³
• Power sourceInternal battery / ext. power supply
• Battery life10 – 20 hours
• DisplayColor, 320×240 pixel
• Min. exp. time0.1 ms
• Auto-Compensation

1.0 – 90 mm Al Total Filtr. equiv.

• Sensitivity

0.2 mA @ 50 kV, 50 cm (3 mm Al)

• Warranty

2 years

• Extended Warranty

Up to 10 years

• Calibration Cycle

2 years

• Standard

Complies with relevant parts of the standards IEC 61674 and IEC 61676 for dosimetric instruments

• PTB Approval



Download the Cobia Family folder in English:

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