6U VME430 6021 – 6023 Crate – Wiener

The WIENER 6u VME430 6021 – 6023 Crate series is the newest generation of 19″ integrated packaging system according to the CERN VME430 standard. Featuring microprocessor controlled power supplies and fan trays it provides advanced integrated diagnostic and monitoring capabilities. For remote monitoring and control the VME6021 crates are outfitted with Ethernet, RS232 and CAN-bus interfaces. A unique flexibility is given by the modular packaging approach. The 6U VME430 6021-6023 crates consists of the UEV 6021 bin, the UEL 6020 fan tray unit and the UEP 6021 power supply.

6U VME430 6021-6023 features:

  • very rugged steel-aluminum construction features 5mm thick heavy duty side plates with zero-tolerance countersink
  • UEL 6020 EX fan tray is designed to provide superior cooling of VME modules in bottom-to-top air flow
  • integrated fan speed and thermal monitoring, adjustable fan speed (1200 … 3600 RPM)
  • built in combo interface (Ethernet, RS232, CAN-bus) for remote monitoring and
  • modular and expandable design with self-ventilated universal power blocks, individually sensed and floating DC outputs
  • self protected against any failure as under/over voltage, over current, over temperature
  • monolithic 6U VME430 backplane (J1/Jaux/J2), 10 layer PCB, active termination, active automatic-daisy-chain,
  • equipped with 3 individually controlled long-life DC fans, MFOT >65,000h/40°C
  • UEP 6021 high density / lowest-noise power supply in WIENER “Cavity-VHF” switching technology with excellent RF-shielding, < 10mVpp micro-processor controlled, programmable
  • voltage adjustment, current limits and over-/ under voltage trip off points, temperature limits 94V – 265VAC world-wide auto-range AC input, with power factor correction, CE-conformity

6U VME430 6023 only features:

  • 19” x 9U UEV 6023 Bin for 21 VME bus cards 6U x 160mm, modular design with removable fan tray and power supply
  • built-in combo interface (Ethernet, RS232, CAN-bus) for remote monitoring and control

6U VME430 6021 only features:

  • 19” x 8U enclosure for 21 VME64x bus cards 6U x 160mm, modular design with removable fan tray and power supply Microprocessor controlled with alphanumeric high-visibility LED
  • display for all fan tray, bin and power supply parameters (voltages, currents, power, temperatures, set-up data…)

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