Wereldwijd rekenen meer dan 800 afdelingen radiotherapie op het SunCHECK-platform voor het organiseren, automatiseren, standaardiseren en stroomlijnen van QA voor patiënten en machines.


Lees hieronder welke nieuwe aanvullingen en verbeteringen er in deze nieuwe release van  SunCHECK 3.0 zijn opgenomen (Engels).

Bekijk ook de video over het op afstand uitvoeren van uw QA ten tijde van COVID19.

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SunCHECK 3.0

New with version 3.0, SunCHECK features PlanCHECK™ for automated plan quality verification and device integration with ArcCHECK®, saving time and improving root-cause analysis for pre-treatment QA.

PlanCHECK™ module

The new, first phase in the SunCHECK Patient workflow, PlanCHECK automates the time-consuming task of treatment plan checks.

  • Complete automation; Patients’ plan files are automatically loaded into the Treatment Planning System and plan checks are performed – significantly streamlining this intensive process;
  • Dosimetric checks; Automatic performance assessment of a treatment plan versus intent, verifying a variety of comprehensive, structure-based checks;
  • Physics checks; Validate treatment plans against department requirements, and easily identify deviations, with user-defined pass/fail results.

ArcCHECK® integration

  • Array-based and phantomless flexibility; Combine the world’s most selected independent 4D measurement array with the SunCHECK Platform for flexible phantomless and array-based pre-treatment QA;
  • Simplified workflow; Easily transition between ArcCHECK Patient QA records and SunCHECK Patient QA record, all in one Platform, saving ~30 minutes per patient otherwise spent searching for data;
  • Separate error sources; More easily identify sources of error. DoseCHECK™ software identifies algorithm errors. ArcCHECK identifies delivery errors.

‘SunCHECK version 3.0 provides new and valuable capabilities with the introduction of PlanCHECK and integration of ArcCHECK. It is clear Sun Nuclear’s SunCHECK will improve efficiency as it adds essential QA capabilities.’

Arthur Olch, Ph.D., FAAPM
Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology & Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles & University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine

Video: performing QA remotely in the age of COVID

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