You want a smarter and more efficient approach to cooling your HPGe detector? Then Ortec’s Möbius Recycler is what you are looking for.

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No more waste of time with filling

The cooling system contains a 28 liter liquid nitrogen dewar and reuses the evaporated nitrogen to cool. Under normal, continuous operating conditions, you just have to refill once every other year. A predictive “time to empty” LN2 level monitor provides status regardless of whether you have power.

Ortec Möbius

Smart and efficient

A “smart” cooler controller senses when the Möbius is operating on an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and automatically disables the cryocooler to minimize the power drain.
This is ideal for counting laboratories which have periodic power failures. This feature also allows extended system operation when using smaller capacity UPS systems.


Advantages Möbius Recycler

  1. less frequent system refilling → saving:
    • time
    • money
    • reducing hazardous material handling
  2. remotely mountable LN2 level monitor which indicates:
    • LN2 fill level
    • power consumption
    • pressure levels
  3. integrates easily underneath standard lead shields (same footprint as standard dewar)
  4. diagnostics and health parameters accessible by Windows PC
  5. wide range of cryostat and detector orientation including vertical options as well as side mounted configurations
  6. swap detectors as needed with any dipstick style Möbius or PopTop compatible Möbius-B


Check the datasheet for further specifications and variations




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