ShortLINK Short-Range Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network – Saphymo

The ShortLINK System (Saphymo) is a short-range remote radiation monitoring platform that ensures data transmission through a radio network. It generally includes a real-time radiological control network that features autonomous probes (such as GammaTRACER probes) and the DataExpert supervision software.

The system structure allows its use in every situations, even in the most accidental ones (private wireless communication network and easy-to-install autonomous probes).

ShortLINK Short-Range Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network features:

  • ultra-low power consumption (lifetime-battery concept)
  • operating distance up to 5 km line-of-sight (LOS)
  • operating frequency 400-500 MHz, possible to run on ISM-band, 433 MHz
  • simple turnkey installation and long-term maintenance-free operation
  • easy integration into DataEXPERT data management system (data storage, alarm processing, visualization and reporting)
  • easy interface to external instruments or host processors
  • narrow-band phase-modulation
  • high frequency stability (ultra-low drift crystal oscillator)
  • output power 10 mW
  • temperature range up to –40° C to +60 ° C

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