The internal PEOrganization

PEO contributes to the safety and development of our society by providing innovative and high-quality solutions in the medical, industrial and safety sector. Optimizing the performance of our customers is our goal.

Sustainable customer relationships are our main focus. From genuine interest in the world and perception of the customer, proactive thinking about the solutions for their challenges and optimal coordination with our manufacturers, we realize true partnerships.

We also experience these partnerships internally within our own team, which creates one PEO from all three divisions. Proactive and solution-oriented collaboration. Supporting each other to improve together, combined with constructive and clear feedback. Humor and pleasure provide a good working atmosphere and strong team spirit.

QA | Quality Assurance
A strong team of PEOneers with sustainable partnerships, realizes innovative and high-quality solutions. Within our team we have decades of specialist practical experience and we remain positevely critical of the high-quality solutions of our suppliers. Together with these suppliers, we therefore guarantee a high-quality solution which meets the wishes of the customer.

We improve efficiency where possible. The primary goal is to optimize the performance of our customers. Only the result counts and measurably achieve better results is in our DNA.

The PEOneers strive towards: Partnership, Teamplay & Quality Assurance

One organization, three divisions

PEO consists of three divisions: Radiation Technology (RT), Electro Optics (EO) and Security (Sec). Every division has its own network of suppliers, products and in-house specialists. All of them receive continuous assistance from our support department.

Radiation Technology:
detection of radiation and health physics / radiation safety

Electro Optics:
detection of light, color and positioning

detection through x-ray for the purpose of access control

The six PEO promises
— Reliable | Innovative | Competent | Professional | Quality | Knowledge —