PEO is divided into three business units: Electro Optics (EO), Radiation Technology (RT) and Security (S), all supported by our support department.

  • EO: detection of light, color and positioning
  • RT: detection of radiation and health physics / radiation safety
  • S: detection through x-ray for the purpose of access control

All three divisions have their own network manufacturers, products and specialists.

PEO Business Units

Radiation Technology

  • instruments voor your QA in:
    • radiology / medical imaging / radiodiagnostic
    • radiotherapy
    • nuclear medicine
  • patient positioning and immobilization
  • health physics / radiation safety:
    • portable radiation monitors
    • personal dosimeters
    • installed radiation monitoring
    • portal radiation monitors
  • semiconductor detectors for alpha, beta and gamma radiation detection
  • GM tubes
  • spectroscopy:
    • cooled HPGe detectors
    • non-cooled (room temperature) CZT detectors
    • MCA systems

Electro Optics

Light measurement and detection, from UV to Infrared;

  • color and spectral light measurement (online + in-process)
  • position determination – PSD
  • wireless exact zero point determination at sub-micron level


Solutions for your access control system:

  • x-ray baggage scanners
  • package solutions ( with walk-through metal detectors and / or hand-held visitation detectors)