Scientists have conducted research to find out whether a CZT-based detector (cadmium zinc telluride) is suitable for gamma radiation spectrometry in radiopharmacy (nuclear medicine) (Vichi et al., 2016.).

The research shows that the usb-powered GR1 CZT-based detector is highly suitable for nuclear medicine. The researchers compared the performance (energy and efficiency) of the Kromek GR1 detector with comparable high purity germanium detectors, in the preparation of radioactive materials for administration to patients in certain diseases.

The GR1 detector performs according to the research comparable to a high purity germanium detector.

Thanks to the compact housing, the budget-friendly budget in comparison with the larger germanium detectors, the GR1 makes an extremely suitable detector for radiopharmacy purposes.



Vichi, S., Infantino, A., Cicoria, G., Pancaldi, D, Mostacci, D., Lodi, F., & Marengo, M. (2016). An innovative gamma-ray spectrometry system using a compact and portable CZT detector for radionuclidic purity tests of PET radiopharmaceuticals. Radiation Effects and Defects 171, 9-10, pages 726-735. doi: 10.1080/10420150.2016.1253090




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