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Sun Nuclear is a respected leader in the design and manufacturing of QA and dosimetry devices for use in radiotherapy.

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Quality Reports

There is a missing link in Radiation Oncology – an effective method to measure treatment plan quality. Quality Reports is the only solution that fills this critical gap.

The above challenge is addressed by Quality Reports:

  • performing objective and systematic assesment of treatment plans
  • creating required documentation

Quality Reports datasheet (peo_pdf_logo2)


SNC125c is a waterproof, fully guarded, thimble ionization chamber. It has a design that reduces the convolution of high-dose gradient regions during profile and depth measurements. It is intended for use in scanning, field and reference of therapeutic electron and photon beams.

  • enhanced penumbra without loss of signal strength
  • easy set up
  • true measurement
  • meets IEC60731 standards for reference class dosimeters
  • no need for secondary waterproofing
  • triaxial BNC and TNC type connectors available

SNC125c datasheet (peo_pdf_logo2)


SNC350p is a waterproof, well-guarded, parallel-plate ionization chamber with a design that minimizes perturbation effects. It is intended for reference, field and scanning dosimetry of therapeutic electron beams.

  • conforms to the design principles as stated by Dr. Roos
  • reference-class dosimeter meeting highest standards of performance (IEC6-731), may be used to cross calibrate field-class dosimeters
  • vented to provide air-density correction and eliminate need for radioactive stability check device
  • white chamber body allows easy visualization of the setup relative to the crosshairs and lasers
  • well-guarded and fully-guarded
  • minimal wait time after polarity change
  • no need for secondary waterproofing
  • triaxial BNC and TNC connector options
  • custom fitted and travel-safe storage case

SNC350p datasheet (peo_pdf_logo2)


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Quality Reports datasheet (peo_pdf_logo2)



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SNC125c datasheet (peo_pdf_logo2)



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SNC350p datasheet (peo_pdf_logo2)


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