RapidCHECK software

RapidCHECK is the new diagnostic QA software platform from Sun Nuclear (formerly Gammex).

The platform combines the QA phantoms of Sun Nuclear and the user-friendly software into a tool to streamline your QA workflow. Regardless of the amount of CT scanners, RapidCHECK software allows you to simplify your clinical workflow.

The RapidCHECK software makes it possible to perform a complete analysis of the Gammex CT ACR 464 phantom. This allows the user to quickly (and automatically) generate a complete report of the below tests:

Specific analyses:

• slice thickness;
• slice offset;
• noise;
• air Hounsfield Units HU;
• acrylic HU;
• Bone HU;
• water HU;
• polyethylene HU;
• contrast;
• low contrast detectability;
• uniformity;
• geometric distortion;
• spatial resolution.

RapidCHECK also allows an objective analysis of the measurements to be carried out, using the RapidCHECK “evidence-based metrics”. The software will therefore always compare new measurements with a baseline image.

In addition to the analysis of the ACR phantom, it is also possible to perform the analysis of the Advanced Electron Density Phantom from Gammex. The software automatically recognizes the material of each rod.

Advantages RapidCHECK:

• objective assessment of the specifications;
• suitable for the ACR464 and AED phantom;
• possibility of “trending” the data;
• time savings through automatic analysis.

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• radiology
• radiotherapy


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Do you want to know more information about the RapidCHECK software? Contact Maarten Peters – mp@gotopeo.com. A videocall is also possible!

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