Tuesday 26th November, PEO will be present at the Nijmegen Four-Day Refresher Training for Radiation Experts in the Radboudumc (Figdor room and Comet room).

The theme of this day is “Measuring devices and spaces” and relates in particular to medical applications of X-ray devices.

We are pleased to inform you about the solutions we offer in the area of radiation safety / radiation hygiene (in accordance with the ALARA principle) concerning your quality assurance (QA and QC).

See you at the RadSchool!

View also our interactive product overview for radiation technology!

Interactive product overview radiation technology



RTI Electronics

complete quality assurance solutions for all X-ray modalities and facilities ...


Complete GM based handheld radiation detectors with roots in the gas / oil offshore industry. NORM specialist. Intrinsically safe (ATEX and FM) waterp ...

Ludlum Medical Physics (LMP)

Budget friendly and professional radiation measuring equipment: GM, scintillation etc. portable, environment monitoring, space monitoring and portal d ...


Robust and compact α β γ survey meter MiniTRACE. ShortLINK and SkyLINK wireless environment monitoring up to 100km. With γ tracer - 10 year period ...