As a medical professional in the radiotherapy department, you are committed to elevate your workflow as much as possible. Meet the new Qfix Alta™ Multipurpose Positioning and Fixation System for radiotherapy and learn how it enables you to quickly adapt to various clinical setup needs for different treatment types.

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Simplicity and versatility working together

At just 5.4 kg, the Alta™ Multipurpose device is lightweight and therapist-friendly. Using Alta™ with compatible accessories facilitates device consolidation for patient positioning during radiotherapy.

The Alta spine area is clear and free of any objects and features a homogeneous platform with 3.8 mm WET for precise dose delivery, including hypofractionated treatments.

InfinityEdge™ & InfinityLock™

Alta™ Multipurpose Device provides a versatile platform that features the InfinityEdge™ for quick attachment of InfinityLock™ positioning accessories to streamline radiotherapy MR  and CT imaging and treatment workflows.

Suitable for a wide variety of treatment types

View the datasheet to learn more about the Alta™ and the compatible accessories.

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