PEO Radiation Technology participates in the 35th annual congress of the Association for Nurses Radiotherapy and Oncology (VVRO). The congress takes place on 17 November in Ter Elst, Kattenbroek 1, 2650 Edegem (Antwerp).

This year our specialists are ready to inform you about the Qfix solutions for patient positioning, fixation and immobilization. Curious about the program? Click on the button below for more information:

What does Qfix offer?

  • the most complete portfolio of fixation tools
  • innovative immobilizers that are compatible with any existing system
  • use and application of the highest quality materials
  • solutions dictated by the practice
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At our booth Peter Dejonge, Luc Kluiters and Miranda Stoevelaar (Clinical Sales Specialist) are happy to inform you.
If you would like to discuss specific products, a demonstration or only have limited time available, make an appointment with our specialist.




Patient positioning and immobilization in radiotherapy ...