Every day, as a medical professional in the radiology department, you are faced with the challenge of controlling and limiting exposure to radiation.
Hereby, a personal dosimeter is an indispensable tool.

‘The Tracerco PED Blue?’,you may ask yourself. Is this something for me? And how does it work?


Situation sketch in the radiology department with the PED Blue

You arrive at the department to run your shift, at the computers the PEDs are charged and ready for use. Each docking station of a PED is connected to the computer. You pick the dosimeter you are going to use. Using the DoseVision software, your user profile can easily be linked to the relevant PED. You attache the dosimeter to your coat with a handy clip.

During the day, the PED Blue measures your received dose. When a (self-adjustable) dose limit is reached, the dosimeter emits a signal (discrete alarm mode possible without sound and flashing lights if necessary). An alarm value is also adjustable for the measured dose rate. This alerts you as well, when entering a room with an increased environmental dose.

PED Blue - Radiologie

With Angio interventions or CT punctures – where you are in the room – the PED Blue is a useful tool to check the received dose and possibly adjust the action to prevent unnecessary radiation received.

At the end of your shift, you’ll put the PED back in the docking station and the registered information will be automatically stored in the system.
With the DoseVision software it is easy to generate a radiation report in which the cumulative dose is also determined (current year and over several years).

Advantages Tracerco PED Blue

  • immediate detection and registration of increased environmental dose
  • link required number of dosimeters to workplaces → fewer dosimeters needed → less costs
  • all information about accumulation of dose visible at a glance
  • fast response
  • one-button operation
  • user friendly
  • direct Micro USB connection for better flexibility
  • large, clear and easy to read AMOLED display

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PED Blue - Radiologie


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