We kindly invite you to watch the on-demand webinars from our partner Sun Nuclear.

These sessions highlight the most important Sun Nuclear solutions for the most current applications and give you further insights on how to best use them.

SunNuclear webinars

The webinars are on-demand available through a special page on our website.

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Don’t worry, the webinars are recorded. So you can watch them at any time.

This month we have highlighted the following webinars for you:

Clinical experience on an automated QA platform in a busy multicentre department

By Evy Bossuyt, M.S. (Iridium Kankernetwerk)
Product focus: SunCHECK

SunCHECK Machine – Custom Daily, Monthly and Annual QA Templates;
Direct Device Connectivity for Daily, Monthly and Annual QA

By Eduardo Sabino
Product focus: SunCHECK

SRS End-to-End Testing with a High Density Diode Array and Multi-Met WL Phantom

By Joel Poder, M.Sc.

Product focus: StereoPHAN, SRS MapCHECK, MultiMet-WL Cube



Sun Nuclear

Unique solutions for radiotherapy: patient, accelerator, routine QA and dosimetry. Ionisation chamber and semi-conductor detectors. ...