PEO Radiation Technology introduces the new Ashland Rad-Sure ChromicVue blood irradiation indicators.

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Rad-Sure ChromicVue is a smaller version of the Rad-Sure indicator for gamma and X-ray irradiation. This indicator is ideal for syringe irradiation and aliquot bags for pediatric and neonatal blood irradiation, but is also usable as a substitute for the traditional Rad-Sure.

The new ISBT-128 2D barcode provides lot# and expiration date in just one scan!



  • smaller stickers and smaller box → saves space
  • labels included with lot and expiration date for use in logbooks
  • packaging boxes are recyclable
  • no lid necessary → indicators remain protected from room light


  • dispenser box: 250 indicators per box
  • linear ISBT-128 barcode still available
  • available in 15 Gy and 25 Gy

Datasheet Rad-Sure ChromicVue

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