We are pleased to inform you that as of July 7 2020 Roland van den Bergh (50) has taken office as the new CEO of PEO.
He succeeds Emile de Kler who has also transferred the ownership of both companies to a new shareholder (PEO Holding B.V.) in which Roland has joined forces with Cor Maas (former business partner of PEO) and investment company Eden Roc.


Since 2002, PEO has served numerous customers in the industrial and medical sectors while also providing services to airports, governments, courts, prisons, warehouses and parcel services. PEO has offices in both The Netherlands and Belgium. As a specialist and niche player, a strong market position has been built up in  disciplines of  security screening, electro optics, radiotherapy and medical imaging QA / QC.

Roland brings a fresh view on the business of PEO. He will focus on continuing the professional growth of both companies. He has extensive experience in international business and  with various high-tech industries. After studying Logistics at the HEAO in Arnhem and Business Administration at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, he held various roles as director and CEO. In 2013, Roland completed an international MBA program at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He combines a solid study history and years of experience as a director with a hands-on approach aimed at customers, colleagues, growth and continuity.

Roland is looking forward to a personal introduction to all PEO relations.

If you have any questions regarding this email message, you can send them to com@gotoPEO.com or via +31 (0) 24 648 86 88.