ISP-Gafchromic launches the RADView™ PD dosimeter-badge

The RADView™ PD dosimeter-badge from ISP-Gafchromic is developed for first responders, who need a quick visual observation to verify that no radiation dose or a minimal radiation dose has been received by the person who is responding.


  • credit card size
  • easy to use
  • instant visual indication of the radiation exposure
  • self-developing without requiring a darkroom or processing equipment
  • no batteries needed


  • first responders
  • potential dangerous radiation environment


The films are:

  • less expensive to use than conventional TLD, ionization or electronic dosimeters
  • monitors the exposure of first responders for periods up to one year
  • color coded read out
  • disposable
  • water resistant, tissue equivalent, energy- and dose-rate independent



Self-Developed radiochromatic dosimetry film for radiotherapy & radiology or industry (Gafchromic). Blood irradiation indicators for visual verifi ...