Gammex Micro diode laser: compact and budget friendly

The Gammex micro diode laser is small in size but not in capabilities. It’s an budget friendly alternative to conventional laser systems used for alignment purposes. The micro laser is easy to fit into tight locations and reduces the chance of hitting the laser and knocking it out of alignment.

The micro laser has a composite housing, which makes it fit right into your treatments room’s. The housing is made of non-metallic material. This makes the unit weight less than 800 g.

The micro laser is available in crosshair and sagittal.


  • compact design: blends in room and remains out of the way
  • different diode colours (red, blue and green): Utilize to simplify marking recognition
  • fast and easy installation
  • superior brightness, line thickness and focus ease
  • laser design permits field conversion from one colour diode to another
  • budget friendly


  • radiology
  • radiotherapy


  1. laserbeam output:
    1. laser output: <1.0 mW
    2. range minimum: Up to 6 meters
    3. line width: ≤ 1mm @ 3 meters
    4. line lenght: ≥ 1 meter @ 3 meters
  • laserdimensions: 146x98x76 mm
  • weight: < 800 g
  • certification: Complies with Center for devices and Radiological Health regulations for Class II lasers.

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gam 14 micro frontview 10

Gammex “Micro” laser



gam 14 micro thera cross




gam 14 micro triflex




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