Gammex CT Perfusion Phantom: Mimic the blood flow

The Gammex CT Perfusion Phantom is designed to mimic a perfusion study. The CT Phantom uses 4 rods to mimic the blood flow in cerebral artery, vein, brain tissue and other various parameters.

The software that is proprietary to the CT scanner is then used to determine blood flow rates curves and to compare them to known normals. This provides a reference baseline.

The rods are interchangeable with rods representing different anatomy avaible in the future.

The battery operated CT Phantom has a built-in timer and is compact and easy to set up. This allows the user to set up the phantom and leave the room before x-rays are initiated.


  • use with any manufacturer’s CT
  • fast/easy set-up
  • stable perfusion studies references provided
  • future: upgrade additional tissue samples to expand utility of system
  • battery operated for safety and efficiency
  • start-up delay: no uncertainty when scanner starts


  • dimensions : L: 55.5 cm, W: 25.4 cm, H: 30.5 cm
  • weight: 14.4 kg
  • material: precision machined PVC

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 logo_gammex[1]gam 14 ct perfusion phantom 1Gammex CT Perfusion 

gam 14 ct perfusion phantom mean transfer time 1

Mean transfer time



gam 14 ct perfusion phantom base scan 2

Base scan



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