The most user friendly personal dose rate monitor series the Tracerco PED Family PED-ISPED Blue, PED+ and the PED ER and PED ER+ are beloved due to its user friendly PC software; DoseVision™. DoseVision™ runs now on 3.2.4 and is downloadable via this Tracerco dosimeter software update link. Still, the design and functionality of the software are aimed to be:

  • simple to use;
  • interactive;
  • intuitive.

DoseVision™ allows users to create alarm levels, create reports, assign users to PEDs and also download and analyse the data.

The Tracerco software promise is to ‘Keep Things Simple’ and features a lot of benefits, such as:

  • view dose rate, dose and accumulated dose data;
  • highlighting peak dose rates;
  • quick-task data viewer;
  • data export option and report generation;
  • quickly upgrade device firmware;
  • password protection option so that data and alarm levels can be maintained at administration level;
  • software and firmware updates available and free of charge;
  • simple management of PED users;
  • GPS data logging with the PED+.

DoseVision™ Live; even more insight

DoseVision™ Live is the Android smartphone app for the PED+. This app enables users to connect to up to 7 PED+ devices using the built-in Bluetooth functionality. The user can monitor the workers’ radiation dose in real time, which aims to even more enhance workers’ the safety!

The app also displays live status updates including battery life, stay time and peak rate.

Benefits of DoseVision™ Live:

  • easy-to-use Bluetooth connectivity;
  • live Dose data;
  • monitor up to 7 devices;
  • live status updates.

PED Family from Tracerco

Intrinsiek veilige PED-IS

Intrinsiek veilige PED-IS


This intrinsically safe (IS) personal dosimeter is perfect for both radiation specialists and those who do not work with radiation every day. It is safe to use in potentially explosive environments, robust and reliable, making it ideal for challenging. environments.

Suitable for:

  • first responders
  • oil and gas
  • nuclear
  • mining

Read the datasheet for each PED its features

PED Blue

PED Blue

This is a non-IS version of the original PED-IS. This budget-friendly lighter weight version still retains the same high quality design and features a direct micro USB connection.

Suitable for:

  • NDT
  • first responders
  • medical and life sciences
  • nuclear
  • industrial

Read the datasheet for each PED its features



This is the most advanced version. It can be used as both a PED and a handheld dose rate survey meter. The PED+ has a number of added features, such as Bluetooth, GPS and text message alarms.

Suitable for:

  • NDT
  • first responders
  • military
  • border controls
  • oil and gas safe zones

Read the datasheet for each PED its features

Tracerco update Information

Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) downloads

Recent update DoseVision Software v3.2.3 adds the following:

  • Settings import and export function for easier sharing of settings between multiple PEDs

Note: Firmware version 2.0 was introduced with the new Extended Range PEDs. All extended range PEDs require v2.0 or higher.

We recommend that you always use the most up-to-date version of the firmware and software with your PEDs.

Software Downloads

Firmware Downloads

European language versions (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Italian, Turkish):

Asia-Pacific language versions (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese):

Arabic language versions (English, Arabic, French):

Would you like to receive more information about Dosevision™ | Dosevison Live™ or the PED family?

Please, contact Tommy Hermans, radiation specialist via or call +31 (0)24 – 648 86 88





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