On Friday 7 and Saturday 8 February 2020, the 35th BHPA symposium takes place at the LouvExpo in La Louvière.

This year’s theme is ‘Work Together For The Future’.

PEO Radiation Technology is present and we kindly invite you for a visit to our conference booth.

Once again you will discover various interesting products and solutions with us and we are of course pleased to assist you.

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Would you like to discuss specific products, like to have a demonstration or are you only present for a limited time?
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See you at the BHPA,

Peter Dejonge
Director Belgium

Joris Schoenaerts
Application Engineer

Miranda Stoevelaar
Clinical Sales Specialist

Maarten Peters
Product Specialist Radiology


Sun Nuclear

Unique solutions for radiotherapy: patient, accelerator, routine QA and dosimetry. Ionisation chamber and semi-conductor detectors. ...


Lasers patient alignment systems and RMI Quality Control devices for diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology. Part of Sun Nuclear family since 2014. ...


Phantoms for radiotherapy and diagnostics: CT mammography, echo, fluoroscopy. Market leader in tissue equivalent phantoms, simulators for training and ...


Patient positioning and immobilization in radiotherapy ...

RTI Electronics

complete quality assurance solutions for all X-ray modalities and facilities ...


Self-Developed radiochromatic dosimetry film for radiotherapy & radiology or industry (Gafchromic). Blood irradiation indicators for visual verifi ...