PEO is exclusive distributor of QA Benchmark and AutoQA Plus software.


This software provides an automatic analysis of your Catphan phantom data. The application realizes a time saving and ensures a reproducible method of image analysis eliminating manual measurement errors.

Included with the analysis package is a tool to perform trend analysis of important image quality parameters over time.  A tool used to monitor and identify changes is CT scanner performance.

Parameters to evaluate:

  • Pixel Size (Geometric distortion)
  • CT Number Linearity (Sensitometry)
  • Slice Thickness
  • Patient Alignment System and Table Movement Accuracy
  • Spatial Resolution (MTF)
  • Image Uniformity and Noise
  • Uniformity Index
  • Low contrast detectability
  • Contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR)
  • Slice sensitivity profile (SSP)

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