It was 175 years ago that Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (discoverer of X-ray) was born. What most people don’t know is that he spent his childhood in Apeldoorn and even got married there later.

To give Röntgen a permanent place in Dutch and Apeldoorn society, the Röntgen Apeldoorn Foundation has taken the initiative to make 2020 an X-ray year.
Director Emile de Kler of PEO Radiation Technology has been asked to participate in the Recommendation Committee of this Foundation.


Röntgen house Apeldoorn

‘’The invention of X-rays has 125 years later much significance for PEO. Whether it concerns the solutions we offer for medical imaging or, for example, the detection of luggage, X-rays are essential. I am therefore happy to contribute to this initiative’’, said Emile de Kler.

Projects Röntgen Initiative Group Apeldoorn

In the context of the ‘X-ray year 2020’ in Apeldoorn, the initiative group intends to realize a number of projects.

  • Memorial stone in front of the Röntgen house
  • Conservation and restoration of the first stone in the Röntgen house
  • Gelre Hospital explanation of his bust in the main entrance and in the Department of Radiology information walls on discovery and applications of X-rays
  • Symposium at the 125th year of the discovery of X-rays
  • Röntgen Pavilion in CODA Museum
  • Theatrical production about W.C. Röntgen

Do you also believe that Röntgen deserves a permanent place in Dutch society? And therefore interested in contributing in the form of a sponsorship to these projects?
Contact us. Then we will send you the complete bid book.