Self-Developed radiochromatic dosimetry film for radiotherapy & radiology or industry (Gafchromic). Blood irradiation indicators for visual verification of irradiation (RAD-SURE).

Centronic Nuclear

Radiation detectors, GM tubes, ion chambers, BF3 proportional counters


Phantoms for radiotherapy and diagnostics: CT mammography, echo, fluoroscopy. Market leader in tissue equivalent phantoms, simulators for training and QA.


Specialised in development and production of detectors and electronics based on CVD Diamond Technology


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Lasers patient alignment systems and RMI Quality Control devices for diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology. Part of Sun Nuclear family since 2014.


Portable Gamma radiation detection and identification based on scintillation Nal(TI)
and BGO. Medical and industrial isotope library, or special GEO version to measure concentrations of potassium, uranium and thorium.


Professional modular and stand-alone high voltage power supply in NIM, desktop or
OEM package for x-ray power supplies, detectors and destructive tests.


Radiation detection and spectrometry solutions for color discrimination in X-ray imaging, gamma detection and medical imaging.

Ludlum Medical Physics (LMP)

Budget friendly and professional radiation measuring equipment: GM, scintillation etc. portable, environment monitoring, space monitoring and portal detectors.


High-tech tools for nuclear / spectroscopy measurements and detection.
HPGe detectors with electrical cooling, scintillators, alpha spectrometry, NIM instrumentation, for research and public safety.

QA Benchmark

QA/QC testing to provide medical facilities the best software and services available


Patient positioning and immobilization in radiotherapy

Radiation Solutions Inc.

Portal radiation monitors systems, laboratory tools for spectrum analysis and portable, mobile and airborne spectrometers.


Robust and compact α β γ survey meter MiniTRACE. ShortLINK and SkyLINK wireless environment monitoring up to 100km. With γ tracer – 10 year period.


High quality equipment for environmental monitoring in soils, water and air

Sun Nuclear

Unique solutions for radiotherapy: patient, accelerator, routine QA and dosimetry.
Ionisation chamber and semi-conductor detectors.


Complete GM based handheld radiation detectors with roots in the gas / oil offshore industry. NORM specialist. Intrinsically safe (ATEX and FM) waterproof personal dosimeter, survey and monitor contamination monitors.


Professional modular nuclear electronics: NIM, Camac Crates and power supplies