Tracerco, founded as ICI in 1958, offers a range of instrinsically safe (first world-wide) radiation monitors
which can be used to measure radiation doserate
or characterise process and environmental contaminant.

Tracerco specializations


  • (instrinsically safe) contamination Geiger Muller monitors
  • more information: Tracerco NORM Monitor-IS
  • (instrinsically safe) doserate monitors
  • mud monitor
  • handheld neutron survey monitors
  • personal dosimetry (portable)

Tracerco PED Family




  • nuclear
  • defence
  • industrial research
  • educational sectors
  • oil and gas exploration
  • offshore
  • production and minerals processing

Tracerco Personal Electronic Dosimeter PED advantages


Tracerco characteristics


The radiation monitor production, test, calibration and repair business is accredited to ISO9001:2000 and BS EN 13980:2002 Potentially Explosive Atmospheres – Application of Quality Systems. Their R&D will continue to underpin the ability to deliver innovative technology in the future. Their technical experts are renowned for their professionalism, creativity and expertise in safely applying specialist solutions to a diverse range of seabed-to-surface challenges. The success of Tracerco over the past 50 years can be attributed not only to its pioneering technology but also its ability to work with its clients to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions, which has been a major factor in achieving consistent growth.

Product categories



PED family (personal electronic dosimeters)




Radiation monitors



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