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Genitron is part of Saphymo, which is a global leader in nuclear instrumentation solutions and Track & Trace solutions for industrial use. With more than 20 years  of experience in radiation measurement covering development, production and distribution of innovative instruments.

Since 1992 Genitron is successfully operating in the Eastern European markets especially through the company Positron Technology.

In 2015, Saphymo has been acquired by Bertin Instruments. The brand name Saphymo continued to exist.

Saphymo (Genitron) specializations

  • state-of-the-art autonomous probes for environmental monitoring: GammaTRACER
  • radio transmission of environmental radiation data, especially under extreme conditions: ShortLINK and SkyLINK
  • mobile equipment for radon measurement in soil, air, water and building materials: AlphaGUARD
  • rugged handheld instrumentation for beta and gamma radiation measurement: MiniTRACE
  • an unique multipurpose meter for contamination, survey, dose rate, x-rays, food and wipe test measurements: MiniTRACE CSDF


  • maintenance free operation up to three years
  • very innovative product line
  • high technological standards and integrated QA systems

product categories



Nuclear industry


Emergency preparedness & homeland security








Environmental monitoring


Specialist industries recycling & waste


Medicine & research laboratories