Qfix focuses on developing high-quality solutions for patient positioning in radiotherapy with the aim to improve and optimize the treatment.

Over 40 years ago the company invented the first low temperature thermoplastic, Aquaplast RT. Building on this innovation, Qfix developed Fibreplast, a Kevlar reinforced version of Aquaplast RT. This enables the production of the most rigid thermoplastic available.

In addition to thermoplastics, Qfix offers a wide variety of patient positioning solutions to provide tremendous flexibility in treatment options.

Qfix mask


Qfix focusses on fostering a deep engagement with medical professionals. It is their business to listen closely to the needs so precise positioning solutions for cancer treatment can be developed.

Qfix specialisation

Innovative solutions for patient positioning and immobilization in radiotherapy. Among others for:

  • SBRT
  • SRS
  • SRT
  • proton therapy

Product categories

Encompass Qfix

Encompass SRS immobisation

Integrity series Qfix

Integrity series

DoseMax Qfix


kVue Couch Top Qfix

kVue Couch Top






kVue Acces 360 Qfix

kVue Acces 360


Breast Treatment Devices

Bellyboard Qfix


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Miranda Stoevelaar

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