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Kromek is a British, worldwide operating company in radiation detection and spectrometry, which offers solutions for color distinctive X-ray images, gamma detection and medical imaging.
Innovation is a central theme at for the company with a portfolio of over 247 patents, the company received several awards in that regard.

Kromek specializations

The gamma detection and isotopic analysis products from Kromek distinguish themselves by their high sensitivity, -resolution and small size, which makes these systems very flexible. For public safety Kromek offers a wide range of portable CZT-detectors and fast Liquid Explosive Detection (LED) systems for the purposes of aviation. Within medical imaging Kromek is developing with its partners products for CT, SPECT, PET and Bone Mineral Densitometry.


  • CZT-based technology
  • high sensitivity
  • higher resolution
  • operates without cooling

Kromek product categories



Nuclear detection


Medical imaging