ISEG Spezialelektronik GmbH is an German producer with more than 30 years of experience in high voltage power supplies for all fields of industry and research. By using modern, patented resonant converter technology ISEG delivers efficient and high precise power supplies in small form factors and excellent electrical parameters.

In addition to the ISEG standard product range they produce a substantial range of customer-specific equipment. In many cases it will be possible to generate an individual solution based on existing product lines in a time and cost-efficient manner.

ISEG specializations

professional high voltage power supplies with excellent ripple and noise values


  • industry
  • research
  • physics
  • laboratory

ISEG characteristics

  • voltage from 100 V to 80 kV
  • power up to 10 kW
  • 1 channel up to 480 channels in one crate 6U
  • 3 kW in single phaseripple and noise within the limits of 10-5to 10-6of the adjusted output voltage
  • temperature-dependent voltage correction (VCT)
  • integrated filament supplies up to 75 kV
  • floating ground up to 75 kV
  • C-charger technology

Unique very fast ARC management:

  • full ARC recovery < 5 ms,
  • ramp speed 1000% of nominal voltage
  • adjustments off:
    • ARC – Wait time 1 ms – 6s
    • ARC – Number 0 – 99
    • ARC – Time 100 ms – 10s
    • ARC – Ramp time 4 ms – 4s

product categories


DC / DC high voltage converters

AC / DC high voltage devices

High voltage power supply systems





High voltage control systems



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