CIVIDEC Instrumentation GmbH is specialised in development and production of detectors and electronics based on the CVD Diamond Technology. It’s an internationally operating company, born from the cutting-edge technology and knowledge of CERN.

CIVIDEC offers the complete range of diamond detection: EUV, X-ray, beta’s, gamma, neutron en zware deeltjes. Important benefits, in relation to other diamond detectors, are high radiation hardness and solar blindness.

specialised in

detectors and electronics based on CVD Diamond Technology.


  • photolithography
  • flame detection
  • dosimeters
  • reactor monitoring
  • high energy physics
  • health physics


  • solar blind
  • high radiation hardness
  • excellent thermal conductivity
  • broadband 5,5eV sub 220nm

product range

series A: diamond monitors

  • diamond beam loss monitor
  • diamond spectrometer

series B: diamant detectors

  • single-crystal diamond detector
  • poly-crystalline diamond detector
  • spectroscopic diamond detector
  • high-radiation diamond detector

series C: preamplifiers

  • breedband amplifier, 2GHz, 20 dB
  • breedband amplifier, 2GHz, 40 dB
  • fast charge amplifier
  • spectroscopic shaping amplifier

In addition, CIVIDEC Instrumentation provides a range of passive components, which are optimized for use with the CIVIDEC detectors and preamplifiers. Please contact PEO for the possibilities!