The publication covers every aspect of the transport of radioactive material, including the design and manufacture of packaging, and the preparation, transport and receipt of consignments,” said Stephen Whittingham, Head of the IAEA’s Transport Safety Unit. “This latest edition has been updated to include a <strong>new category of solid object that is not radioactive itself but which has radioactive material distributed on its surface – referred to as surface contaminated object (SCO-III)</strong> — and to add new requirements to assess the effects of storage time on a package that is stored before transport.0

Stephen Whittingham (Headof the IAEA’s Transport Safety Unit)

SSR-6: IAEA safety regulations
The IAEA safety standards lay down requirements and measures to control human exposure to radiation and the release of radioactive material into the environment. In addition, it reduces the chance of events that could lead to a loss of control over a radioactive core, radioactive source or any other radiation source. The consequences of such events (should they occur) are also limited as a result. The standards apply to facilities and activities that involve radiation risks. For example during or after the use of radiation and radioactive sources, the transport of radioactive material and the management of radioactive waste.

The SaphyRAD E offers certainty and quick checks for the professional

Bertin’s SaphyRAD E is an alpha / beta contamination monitor with (depending on your measurement application) different probes. The robust design in combination with the ergonomic interface makes the instrument very suitable to meet the requirements of the nuclear industry and for use in harsh conditions. It is a hand-held contamination monitor with an adaptive library, containing 20 radionuclides. An ideal device to monitor possibly contaminated areas.


  • built-in distance indicator → correct measurement
  • also available with 170 cm² probe → control contamination large surface!
  • robust housing with six large buttons, designed for use with gloves
  • designed for the detection and measurement of alpha and / or beta radiation sources
  • ergonomic handheld device with a color screen and high image quality
  • very fast and reactive detection of radiation sources
  • data storage on a removable SD card and 45 hours of autonomy (rechargeable Li-ion battery)


  • nuclear plants
  • transporting nuclear material
  • surface control in case of possible exposure
  • first responders
  • medical facilities

Which probes are available?

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